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Woburn,MA-June, 2010--Shenitech is proud to announce immediate availability of the ST302 Solar-Powered Ultrasonic Flowmeter.

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Blue Tooth Technology Solution

1. Problems in the current Customs logistics system

With the development of Customs logistics business, Customs and harbor face a big challenge of how to make the increasing container vehicles flow continuously, avoiding having to stop and start up again, as bottlenecks and long queues are common in many Customs' gateway.

2. Bluetooth Technology Solution

When a container vehicle passes through a toll station, the bluetooth ID tag (transponder) inside the vehicle or on the container automatically connects to the bluetooth ID Reader in the toll gate. The high speed bluetooth data communication and the fast computer-based document processing make it possible to complete all the necessary Customs' forms while a vehicle passing through the Customs' toll gate. This solution allows vehicles flow continuously.

Bluetooth Technologies

With bluetooth technology, all the components in the Customs, such as vehicles, toll gate, warehouse, crane operator, shipping controller, etc., are wirelessly networked. Using our Customs Logistics System Bluetooth Software, the management department is able to conduct electronic management, identify vehicles flying-on, connect to the databases in the Customs information center, warehouse or harbor in real-time.

3. Operating Procedures:

-- Monitor containers and calculate vehicle/container statistics in a real-time fashion
-- Through bluetooth connection, write controlling information into vehicle-carried equipment
-- The bluetooth device at the inspection gate reads and verifies the vehicle's and the container's information. If suspicious information are found, it triggers the alarm system
-- The bluetooth device at the shipping dock sends instructions to the vehicle-carried equipment, asking the driver to drive the vehicle to an appointed stacking place
-- The bluetooth module on the container transfers the container's shipment information to the tower crane
-- The operator on the tower crane conducts shipment with the aid of his bluetooth device
-- After the shipment is done, the operator at the shipping dock removes the bluetooth module of the container for later use.

4. Advantages:

-- Time-saving
The traffic flows continuously, thus saves a lot of time.
-- No queues
Bottlenecks and long queues are eliminated, hence improves the capacity of the Customs, harbor and warehouse.
-- Convenient
No paper form or card needed;
no need to select the right lane, etc.
-- Safety
The system cannot be cheated.

5. Key Features:

-- Creatively applied bluetooth techniques to Customs logistics. This increases the Customs 'information communication efficiency tremendously
-- Because the RF signals is un-directional, vehicles in all directions can communicate with each other as well as with the control center
-- The container inspection-rate has been improved significantly
-- Trucks, containers are identified on the fly when passing by at a speed of 36km/h
-- Vehicle-carried equipment can be read and re-written wirelessly. The driver is able to see the ID verification record and controlling information from this equipment.
-- Super safe due to the implementation of a multi-security algorithm

6. System Specifications

-- Communication speed: >115.2kbit/s , <1Mbit/s;
-- Vehicle speed when pre-identifying: 80Km/s,
-- When identifying (passing the gate): 36Km/s;
-- Pre-identifying range:100m,
-- Identifying range:10m;
-- Vehicle identification error rate: 0.01%;
-- Container identification error rate: 0.01%;

7. Those need bluetooth devices :

Vehicle --- vehicle-carried equipment: transferring and keeping Vehicle's information(No., type, driver, weight etc. )
Container – bluetooth ID Tag: transferring and keeping container's information(No., goods, ship, shipping date, weight )
Toll-gate--- bluetooth ID Reader: Identifying and controlling vehicles quickly and safely
Tower crane-- bluetooth ID Tag: receiving shipment information, conducting shipment

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