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Shenitech has a well-defined procedure for implementing client's applications. Through years experience, we realized the unique importance of strictly following those procedures in order to achieve our goal: customer's satisfaction. Through the life cycle of software development, we make sure that every software engineers proceed to the next stage only when the current stage is completed. At the end of each stage, we do thorough quality test on both software code and documentation. Those who failed the test will not be allowed to proceed to the next stage. This approach not only guarantees the quality of our software, but also provides our client with early, well-defined deliverables.

Development Stages Stage Output Management Keys

System Analysis and Software Definition

  1. System Analysis and Software Definition
  2. Project Plan and Schedule
  1. Appraise system general requirement, performance requirement, operation requirement and standardization
  2. Appraise system feasibility
  3. Appraise and authorize Project Plan and Schedule

Software Requirement Analysis

Software Requirement

  1. Appraise the integrity and correctness of the Software Requirement, evaluate the consistency of client's requirements
  2. Appraise if Software Requirement meets standardization requirement
  3. Authorize
  4. Start to work on User's Manual

Concept Design

  1. Concept Design
    Keys: functionality and module design
  2. Database Design: data structure design and explanation

Appraise Concept Design
Keys: system general functions, program flow, structure, I/O interface design, data structure design, the goodness of the module design with respect to the module-interface relationship

Detail Design

Detail Design
Keys: Program detail design, data/database detail design, user interface design

  1. Appraise and evaluate Detail Design step by step
  2. Appraise document, programming standard and protocols, appraise the consistency of converting concept design to detail design

Software Implementation (programming)

  1. Programming Code
  2. Operation Manual
  3. Software Testing Plan
  4. User's Manual
  1. Appraise design standards and protocols
  2. Through debugging and testing for each unit, make sure all the functions in each unit work correctly, and its program structure and data structure are optimized

Software Integration and Testing

  1. Software Testing Plan
  2. Acceptance Report
  1. Authorize Software Testing Plan
  2. Prepare for the delivery

Software Maintenance

Software Modification Specification

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