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High accuracy and excellent long-term stability!

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Flow-cell ultrasonic flowmeter STUF-300F1G is designed for high accuracy, long-term stability and zero maintenance.

There are two types of flow-cell transducers: pi-type flow-cell for small pipes (DN10mm~DN40mm), and standard flow-cell for bigger pipes (DN50mm~DN400mm)

Flow-cell ultrasonic flowmeter
Pi-type Flow-cell
Flow-cell ultrasonic flowmeter, Flow-Cell Transducers
Standard-type Flow-cell

Features :
  • Guaranteed lowest price on the market
  • High accuracy (better than ±1%, and can reach ±0.5%)
  • Very good long-term stability and reliability
  • No moving parts, no maintenance
  • Non-obstructive. No flow disturbance. No pressure drop
  • Bi-directional. Wide flow range -52ft/s ~ +52ft/s (-16m/s ~ +16m/s)
  • Suitable for all commonly used pipe materials
  • High quality signal. Robust performance
  • Hot-tapping installation. No need to shut down pipe line
  • Optional GPRS / GSM module
  • Suitable for pure liquids and liquids with minor particles. No dependency on conductivity
  • Proprietary low-voltage transmission and self-adaptation technologies
  • Three built-in totalizers for positive, negative and net flows
  • Isolated RS-485 interface. Optional GPRS/GSM module. Supports the MODBUS protocol
  • 4-20mA output, relay output, pulse output, alarm output, batch operation, etc.
  • Optional RTD interface and thermal energy measurement functionality
  • NEMA 4X (IP65) weather-resistant enclosure for both indoor and outdoor installation
  • Low-power consumption, less than 1.2 Watt



Description :

The STUF-300FxG Advanced Wall-Mount Flow-Cell Ultrasonic Flowmeter is a new member of the 3rd generation ultrasonic flowmeters from Shenitech. Compared with the predecessors, the 3rd generation ultrasonic flowmeters offer better performances and a richer feature set, all at a lower price.

The STUF-300FxG focuses on accuracy, long-term stability and no maintenance. It utilizes cutting-edge technologies such as advanced signal processing, low-voltage transmission, self adaptation, and optimized sensor design to achieve precise measurement and reliable performances.

The flow-cell transducer is made from either cast iron or stainless steel. It is calibrated in the factory to high accuracy. There is no moving parts to wear out, thus the system has a long life span and needs no maintenance.

Furthermore, the flowmeter performance does not depend on pressure, temperature, conductivity, etc.

The STUF-300FxG product provides versatile input/output interfaces, such as digital and relay outputs, batch control, alarm, flow totalizing, 4-20mA output, optional RTD interface for thermal energy measurement, and isolated RS-485 for networking. These interfaces can be easily used by a host computer or a flow controller for process monitoring and control.

STUF-300FxG comes with the following three varieties to meet different applications:

STUF-300F1G standard flow-cell flowmeter

STUF-300FNG GPRS/GSM-enabled flow-cell flowmeter

STUF-300FRG thermal energy measurement system based on STUF-300F1G

STUF-300F1G flow-cell flowmeter is available for pipes less than 16". For bigger pipes, please consider STUF-300F1B clamp-on flowmeter or STUF-300F1C insertion flowmeter.

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Transducer Options :

Flow-cell ultrasonic flowmeter
Pi-type Flow-cell Transducer
Flow-cell ultrasonic flowmeter, Flow-Cell Transducers
Standard-type Flow-cell Transducer

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